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History of Mamre

The Mamre S.D.A Church now nestled on the corner of Utica and Avenue H, began in the Parkway Elementary school, owned by Dr. Linton Grant. The idea of establishing a Seventh-day Adventist Church in the area,  began on January 28, 1989.  The founding activists in this venture were Brother and Sister Stevel Beckford,  Sister Pearl Brown, Dr. and Sister David Hosten, Sister Eva Hunt, Brother Franklin Jackson (now Pastor Jackson), Sister Deloris Smith, and Brother and Sister Oswald Stubbs.After prayerful consideration, thirty (30) people who held membership at the Flatbush S.D.A church, met and   celebrated the first Sabbath School on Sabbath February 4 1989, at 670 Rockaway Parkway, in Brooklyn.  Sister Norma Stubbs was the first superintendent, and Elder Franklin Jackson, the First Elder, delivered the first sermon.

On April 9 1989, the Northeastern Conference Executive Committee, voted to accept the Mamre group as a mission with Brooklyn Temple as the mother church; under the pastoral supervision of pastor Roy Ashmeade (deceased). By then, Elder S. Beckford had become the First Elder of the church. On Sabbath December 30 1989, the first three (3) precious souls were buried with their Lord in baptism. They were Sister Gregory, (deceased), Brother G.V. Knight, (deceased), and Brother Glen Lewis, who has since relocated.

The rapid growth of the mission, made it necessary to relocate to larger accommodations at 4412 Avenue I, on March 10 1990.  With God's guidance, the support of the Northeastern conference and the brethen, the first major crusade conducted by Pastor Reynold Maxwell, added thirteen (13) new members to the mission.  On August 4 1990, Pastor Craig Dossman was introduced as the Pastor for Brooklyn Temple and the Mission. The church was organized by Northeastern Conference on June 15 1991, and voted into the sisterhood of churches on June 16, 1991.  The first ordination took place in 1991, when four (4) deacons, namely, Brothers Dennis White, Herbert Maxwell, Trenton Jones and Vernon Griffiths, were ordained.  Brother O. Stubbs was ordained as local elder. Church membership then stood at 60 and Sabbath School at 85.

Over the period 1993-1995, we welcomed Pastor Desmond Francis (and his family), as the new pastor. Unfortunately, we lost this dynamic and outstanding leader, when he accepted an administrative position at the Northeastern Conference.  Nevertheless, although officially transferred, Pastor Francis remained unassigned to this church for nearly two years.  With a membership of 200, the church had to function without a resident pastor. Leadership was further affected with the relocation of the first elder, Dr. S. Beckford. Despite these challenges, God continued to lead His church.  Under the leadership of Elder Franklin Jackson and other officers, the church functioned remarkably well.

On March 1 1997, God directed an assiduous and inspiring preacher, in the person of Pastor Bryan Carter along with his family, to become the part-time pastor of the church. He led the church until February 1999.  During this period, the sixth (6th) anniversary and harvest festivals were celebrated.  An in house crusade conducted by Elder Franklin Jackson, brought tremendous success and 41 souls were added to God's church. The membership then stood at 241.

Just before the spring of 1999, Pastor Cory Rowe, a very dynamic preacher, came on board with his family and assumed responsibilities as the first full time Pastor of the Mamre SDA Church.  Under Pastor Rowe's leadership, the church experienced considerable growth in membership - Sabbath School approximately 400 and church membership 385.  In December of 2004, the church said goodbye to Pastor Cory Rowe and family, and welcomed Pastor James Clark and  family, in January 2005. Membership now stands at 413 and growing.

Over the years, the church has served the community in various capacities through its many departments.  Of special note are aggressive evangelism through tract distribution, Bible Studies and the Spoken Word, Health Fairs, distribution of food and clothing to the needy, Prison Ministries, and a vibrant Seniors' Ministry.

Three choirs, the Sanctuary, Youth and Children's as well as small groups, now provide music for Sabbath services.

Under God's and Pastor Clark's leadership, extensive renovation was undertaken, to provide greater accommodation and comfort for worshippers. We wish to express our gratitude to our members, friends, well wishers and the contractors, for their sacrificial and dedicatory role, in the building of God's temple.  We also salute Pastor Clark for his commitment, dedication, determination, enthusiasm, and the vision he had, in leading this church forward, "Step- by- Step in Faith."

Mamre Seventh-day Adventist Church | 1623 Utica Ave | Brooklyn, NY 11234-1524